Stop Worrying When Traveling

Historically, the winter holiday season and winter breaks pose the highest risk of water damage related claims for luxury homeowners. This is due to the combination of cold weather and seasonal travel that leaves homes unoccupied for days at a time.

The following recommendations will help you reduce this common threat and the potential inconvenience of a claim during these busy times of the year.

Consider the following:

100 Days

The average amount of time a family is displaced from their home as the result of a significant winter weather claim.

3x More Severe

The severity of a claim for a burst pipe is 3x greater when a home is unoccupied.


$247,000 is the average cost to repair damage caused by a burst pipe occurring on an upper level of a home.

Water Shut Off Device:

A whole-house water shut off device with low-temperature sensors is a loss prevention solution that can help you avoid significant disruption, especially during the winter months. By monitoring the temperature in your home, detecting irregular water flow in your plumbing and even shutting the water off at the main, this device minimizes and even prevents damage. Thorson's preferred vendors typically offer discounts on these solutions. Most luxury home insurers will also offer a credit on your homeowners premium once these devices are installed.

Attic Insulation:

A licensed contractor can check your attic to make sure that it is adequately insulated and ventilated to prevent ice damming and ensure that there are no exposed pipes extending to the exterior walls that might freeze and burst. 

Smart Thermostat:

A smart thermostat can enable you to monitor the temperature of your home while you are away and alert you to any concerns.

For more details regarding these suggestions, consult with a Thorson Private Client Group team member. Our team is available to help you select, purchase and schedule the installation of the solutions that fit your home's needs.




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